Italian N.A.M is one of the influential brands of Maison Banchi, an Italian company, which is committed to making mattresses that conform to the physiological structure of human body.

Maison Banchi was founded by doriano Banchi in Florence in the 1960s, with a 60 year history of bed making. In the 1980s, Mason Banch became Disney's carpet franchiser and Italy's largest producer of high fabrics.

Italian n.a.m is famous in Italy for its exquisite manufacturing process and cutting-edge environmental protection concept. It is a pioneer of Italian advanced customization and has established the first brand position in the field of Italian top mattress.

The design concept of Italian n.a.m is to focus on healthy sleep, adapt to different physiological structures of human body with natural materials, high-end fabrics and leading manufacturing processes. Mason bank is a well deserved global leader in healthy sleep.

In 2019, Zhejiang Jiachuang bedding Co., Ltd. was authorized to permanently use and operate the n.a.m brand of high-end bedding under Maison Banchi of Italy in the Asia Pacific region.

Brand development history

In the early 1960s, doriano Banchi was a young migrant worker who had just arrived in Prato from a village near Florence. At that time, Prato was on the rise of textile industry, and new factories needed textile workers. A few years later, doriano Banchi decided to set up his own company, the son of lurroger Banchi limited. The core business of the new company is the sale and processing of second-hand clothing. They buy second-hand clothing from international groups, charities like the red cross that receive second-hand clothing. Then according to the color and quality of clothing classification, and respectively converted into recycled fiber. Recycled fiber was the raw material for producing combed cotton yarn in Prato's textile industry at that time. Combed cotton yarn was the main yarn of combed fabric for fashion.


In the late 1970s, due to the low price of the recycled fiber market, doriano Banchi's company decided to open up a new business in the textile industry. Therefore, three circular textile machines were purchased to produce high pile leather fabrics. Textile machines are directly imported from NASA's partner company, which has new technologies that can implant fibers into knitted fabrics to produce fake leather effects. The new business has attracted a large number of potential customers' interest: shoes, plush toys, sofas, car seat covers, bedspreads and blankets.

In the late 1980s, doriano Banchi's company became the largest producer of high-quality cashmere fabrics in Italy, especially 100% high-quality cashmere fabrics, with a monthly production of more than 500000 meters; 80% of the production was exported to northern European countries for processing into wool blankets, mattresses and pillowcases. They also produce blended wool fabrics, including cashmere, llama, alpaca and camel hair.

In 1981, Massimo and doriano Banchi set up a new company, butik carpet Co., Ltd., and proposed to produce products in the form of industrial families. The new company, under license from Walt Disney, has transformed high pile fabrics into special carpets and table mats.

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In the late 1990s, the company changed its name to maisenbank Co., Ltd. and opened up new businesses, providing a series of blankets, mattresses and pillowcases for the domestic market, and even new distribution channels. Maisenbank decided to replace retailers, flyers and televisions with door-to-door service, which requires high-quality products and customized production. Maisenbank customized mattresses according to customers' requirements, and provided matching blankets, pillows and bedspreads, which is a great progress.

In 1998, maisenbank was certified by SGS for ISO 9000 quality system. SGS is still the most important and rigorous certification service company in the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

In 2007, maisenbanci obtained the first license from the Italian Ministry of health for medical equipment, which is of great value throughout the European Union. The medical equipment is installed in the mattress with memory cotton, which has the effect of anti bedsore. Maisenbank has developed 75 different types of medical devices in collaboration with Italian doctors and universities, including anti-static, posture adjustment and pain relief systems.

In 2015, meisenbridge decided to introduce the European Union's reach rules into the company to prevent chemical pollution and ensure the safety of internal employees and end customers. All meisenbridge products entering the market are labeled reach.

In the development of the company, following the needs of the market and customers, meisenbridge has developed a large number of patents, trademarks, medical devices and market resources in different product specifications. The real value of meisenbridge is that it has more than 40 years of history and experience in the sleep market. Since its inception, meisenbridge's mission is to respect nature, ensure the safety and health of customers, through high-quality products and strict production process.

Our mission

Through the development and production of healthy sleep system, as well as matching the corresponding home textiles, to promote the improvement of quality of life.


After decades of development and production, meisenbridge has been a leader in the field of sleep system and home textiles. The common point of all products of meisenbridge is the stable quality and continuous innovation, and the company has a broad market. Mason Banchi believes that quality is the foundation: quality products, quality life.

product quality

The implementation of quality policy makes maisenbank one of the first Italian companies to obtain uni EN ISO 9001 certification in this field. Uni EN ISO 9001 is the quality management system. The quality management system involves the process specification of the company's internal organization, which mainly focuses on two aspects: sustainable development and customer satisfaction. Maisenbank is also the first Italian company to obtain medical mattress qualification. In 2007, it was certified by the Italian Ministry of health and one of the first companies to comply with the so-called reach regulation, which involves the discharge and pollution of hazardous substances.

Quality life

Protect health through the use of harmless materials and control of components. Through the use of natural materials to maintain physical health, in order to reduce the pain caused by slight pain, which makes us unable to live a peaceful life, traditional concepts combined with modern knowledge inspired research to improve physical and mental balance (biological architecture and geomancy).


The human resources composed of high-quality talents and advanced equipment are the basic premise for the implementation of quality management system and the research and development of new products. Human resources composed of high-quality talents and advanced machinery are the basic premise for the implementation of quality management system and the continuous development of new products. Together they form the basis of the company's business. Continuous personnel training and employee's active participation in the company's process achieve the company's improvement and high customer satisfaction. The optimization of technology, especially the selection of manufacturing technology and materials, can ensure that our end customers receive cost-effective products; it is a combination of quality, artistic value and product life.

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