Healthy sleep "revolution" starts! Italy N.A.M "Hard Core" Appears at Shenzhen International Furnitu

Issuing time:2020-09-01 17:20

Super exhibition hall, super luxury scale

300+ first-line brand, 1000+ home improvement company

2000+ designer, 300,000+professional audience


The annual home furnishing industry event

Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

It will be grandly opened on August 20-23



New formats, new models and new trends have been released one after another

New brands, new products, new technologies, all debut

From industrial upgrading results to future life plan

They will all shine in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


N.A.M from Italy

The theme of curatorial exhibition will be "Technology World+You"

Presenting a debut of the symbiosis of "scientific and technological sense" and "international fan"



(Qualification certificate obtained by Maison Banchi of Italy, the parent company of the brand)

International cutting-edge intelligent technology and the world's leading healthy sleep standard

With Italian art design, international big-name craft materials

What wonderful chemical reaction will be produced soon?

Italy's N.A.M's ace product

What innovative sleep technologies are hidden in "Good Sleep Series" and "Pizza Series"?

A professional intelligent high-definition service platform built by heavy money

What's so special about "every9"?

What kind of super five-star experience is "one hour more than sleeping eight hours every night"?


At the same time, Italian N.A.M was in the first show

A high-tech mattress that can automatically adjust the softness and hardness according to the physiological structure of the human body will be introduced

How will TA break people's inherent definition of mattress hardness?



August 20-23

Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

BoothNo.: 4A01


Science and technology bedding "new species", wonderful appearance

Invite you to witness the coming of a new era of sleep!

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