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Issuing time:2020-07-21 17:32

Shakespeare, a great British writer, said that a comfortable sleep is the gentle care that nature gives people. In the modern society that comes and goes in a hurry, staying up late and losing sleep has become the norm, but a good night's sleep has become a luxury. However, if you choose a good mattress, you can get five-star sleep to a great extent. N.A.M mattress from Italy pays tribute to the quality of life with details, and has been committed to creating high-quality mattress products to bring comfortable sleeping experience to Chinese consumers.

To understand the specific performance of the products, we made professional evaluation on Italian N.A.M mattresses, revealing the uniqueness of international series GM002 Rohm mattresses and Jiamian series JM011 harbour mattresses.

First of all, we evaluated the Italian N.A.M international series GM002 Rohm mattress.

Design and health combine to create a perfect new sleeping environment

In appearance, Italian N.A.M international series GM002 Rohm mattress is full of value. The square mattress, referring to the artistic expression of the starry sky, takes the deep blue of the night sky as the primary color, is printed with small patterns of various shapes, and has undulating wavy lines around the edges, which makes people feel like they are on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea under the starlight, creating a relaxed and comfortable sleeping environment.

Visual design is inspired by Rome Gate in Milan, Italy. On one side, there is the richest mansion in Milan, while on the other side, there is a vibrant yuppie community, which perfectly reflects the contrast between gentlemen and yuppies.

This contrast is also reflected in the design of mattress. The Italian N.A.M Rohm mattress is an artistic expression that breaks through the simple and elegant image of the mattress and visually adds the starry sky; On the one hand, it is the only technology that has been jointly developed with spine experts and obtained the certification of European spine medicine, which adds some romantic artistic breath while maintaining a scientific and rigorous attitude. There are 16 clamping grooves and 6 ridge guards on the left and right sides of the special-shaped cutting memory cotton, which can independently adjust different hardness and perfectly support the weight of spine.

According to our own body shape, we increase or decrease the number of ridge guards at specific parts. After lying down, we find that the mattress fits well with the spine, and it is very comfortable whether lying on one side, lying flat or lying on one's back, without fear of shoulder and waist dangling.

Lying on this mattress, open your eyes and see the starry sky; When sleeping with your eyes closed, the mattress supports the spine well, as if massaging the tired back to relieve the pain. Such a mattress with a posture adjustment system perfectly fits different people's spine curves, bringing an excellent sleep experience.

If the bed core is carefully observed, it can be found that the bed core is formed by special-shaped cutting memory cotton and cool gel memory cotton. In recent years, more and more luxury brands like "integrated" design, which makes the connection between different materials very firm and special.

As an elastic material with porous structure, the special-shaped cutting memory cotton is very breathable, and the upper, lower, left and right sides are connected with air holes, which promotes the free circulation of air in the mattress, reduces dust accumulation and is clean and sanitary.

At the same time, the porous structure has strong anti-deformation ability, is not easy to collapse, can release pressure evenly, and firmly support people's weight, but it does not feel hard at all, but makes people feel sleeping in soft clouds.

We put a bottle of water on the mattress, and then gently threw the whole body into the mattress. After a short depression, the surface of the mattress immediately recovered its elasticity without any depression, while the water bottle next to it just shook gently and soon stabilized.

While lying in bed, no matter how we turn over, the water bottle next to us doesn't move. It can be seen from these details that the Italian N.A.M Rohm mattress has achieved the five-star luxury experience standard.

Soft, comfortable and supportive, cool and breathable without covering your sweat!

Cool gel memory cotton can be said to be the ingenious design of this mattress. It is a thin layer, but its air permeability cannot be underestimated. When we lie down for a while, we can obviously feel a little cool and refreshing, especially where the body is attached to the mattress, which is cool and comfortable. Even if people lie on the mattress for a long time, the comfortable touch does not fade.

What is even more surprising is that the cool gel memory cotton emphasizes the light and soft skin feeling like cotton candy, and is very suitable for everyone's sleeping posture. According to scientific research, people turn over 37 times a night on average, and after each turn over, the human body has to adapt to the sense of bed again, interrupting deep sleep.

In the evaluation, no matter how we toss and turn, the cool gel memory cotton fits perfectly with the curves of the head, cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, so that the shoulder, neck and back are always in a natural relaxed state. Especially when turning around, the human body hardly feels any change. When we press our hands down on the mattress, we can find that the cool gel memory cotton can flow like water and quickly fill the tiny gap between fingers and palms.

When rolling left and right, the cool gel memory cotton can not only ideally adapt to the shape of our body, remember the outline of our body, fill all the gaps formed between the bed and the curvature of the spine, and form the most ideal support suitable for everyone's body, but also have a slight cool feeling, which makes people's body temperature in a constant state during sleep, so that we can fall asleep more quickly.

Exquisite sleeping experience and luxurious material combination are destined to make the Italian N.A.M Rohm mattress extraordinary. This is based on the high quality standard of a five-star hotel, guarding your sleep health.

Two people have a good night's sleep and hold the closest Ta

Italy's N.A.M Sleeping Series JM011 Bay Mattress is a product specially designed for lovers to sleep together.

Xiaobian slept on this mattress for the first time, and was surprised by its intimate and magical sleeping design for two people!

In the shoulder area of Italian N.A.M Sleeping Series Bay Mattress, there is a bay area that can be depressed downward. When your partner is holding your arm, the bay area is depressed downward. The mattress shares the pressure on the arm, and is no longer afraid of arm numbness. You can hug your favorite people for a good night's sleep without any burden, giving Ta a loving and warm harbor.

When we are lying in bed and watching videos with our mobile phones in half, this harbor area just bears the pressure of shoulders and arms, which reduces the burden of elbow joints. In the evaluation, we watched several small videos in bed, and our hands were not sour or numb at all, just like lying flat.

The earthquake-resistant and pressure-resistant fabric is soft, and the high value is full of love

Another important point is that this mattress has the capability of quick reset, so it will not collapse after long-term use. We tried to press hard with our hands and sit on the mattress relaxed. The mattress trembled like pudding at the moment of stress. Once people left, the surface of the bed immediately recovered to its original state!

When the palm of your hand presses the bed surface continuously, you can feel the structure of the mattress dispersing the acting force as soon as your hand falls, so you don't feel any vibration at all. If you loosen your hand slightly, the surface will bounce up quickly. From this aspect, we personally feel the elasticity and support of the mattress.

It can be imagined that when two people sleep together on the Italian N.A.M Sleeping Series Bay mattress, no matter how the person next to them turns over, it will not cause the depression and vibration of the bed, so as to minimize the sleep impact on their partner.

Skin-friendly fabric with silver silk feels soft and super comfortable, so I can't wait to plunge into it immediately. We gently brushed the mattress with our hands, and the whole surface was as smooth as silk. It can be seen that we have done a good job in materials and process details.

Look from the face value, the front and back sides of the mattress are white, and the periphery is black. The combination of black and white is like elegant piano color matching, generous and fashionable. The sleeping microenvironment is very important. The simpler the color matching, the more it tests the texture. At the same time, it makes it easier for people to focus on their sleeping partners, and they can hug each other and sleep in the same bed every day.

When we carefully look at the mattress surface, we find that there are many feather patterns on it, and many "heart-shaped" concavities and convexities are designed, which make the whole bed full of love and sweetness and create a warm and warm sleeping atmosphere.

The edges are decorated with rectangular belts arranged in turn, with vertical handles, which have a special sense of science and technology and bring people a vision and imagination for the future.


Italy's N.A.M international series GM002 Rohm mattress and Jiamian series JM011 harbor mattress are of international big-name level in terms of design and labor materials, which fully reflects Italian leisure and coziness. Rohm mattress has the dual attributes of art and health of "starry sky environment+sleep massage feeling"; The bay mattress meets the romantic needs of the young couple for close contact and barrier-free. In the busy urban life, we need a sense of ritual, and many people are pursuing high-quality products from GUCCI, PRADA and CHANEL. Similarly, one third of my life is spent in sleep, so I might as well choose the N.A.M mattress from Italy, so as to give my sleep the best maintenance and the most beautiful experience.

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